Sharing my thoughts and lived experiences on,

life after marriage

separation into divorce

single parenting & co-parenting

– building resilience

When you think you have it all; a perfect job, perfect wife, perfect babies, a house, a dog and family support network. The next day, you don’t! Then what?!

Well I’m not, by any means a self-proclaimed relationship expert, but will share my life lessons and experiences for anyone willing to listen and perhaps take-away some wisdom.

Separation & Divorce

Navigating a split from my wife has been an interesting ride to say the least. Proving to the family court that a twelve month separation from the wife, before being eligible to file for a divorce shouldn’t be too hard right??

I guess only time will tell. I tell what hasn’t been easy though…? The separation agreement! It is still a work in progress and feel like it will be an ongoing live document that should probably go on a shared server such as google drive for easy access as we fluidly move through twelve months of uncertainty.

Life after marriage

I always figured life after forty was all about battening down and securing your life with a wife and kids. Building a house was a big part of the plan, but also making it a home was suppose to take up most of my time until I retired.

Boy was I wrong about that one! And, never in a million years did I imagine to be single again, “back on the market” and starting a new life. I’d like to think that somewhere in the world, a small group of single girls are celebrating my marital status. If you know who they are, can you please tell them to let JLo know I’m available now.

Step and co-parenting

Blended families always come with interesting dynamics. I was the youngest of three before my Mum remarried and popped out my younger sister. They say; learned behaviors are cycled and perhaps that is the reason I married a woman who had a six year old son. Nonetheless, my experience was by far one of the hardest in my lifetime and don’t know if I will ever understand the bond they share. But if I could turn back time, I would have made so many different choices.

Single Parenting

Why is it that men find it more challenging than women to parent kids? There is obviously a huge amount of factors and considerations to keep in mind, including the life choices couples make to build a life “together”. In many cases, those choices work against Fathers and Mother’s are often favored in the family court system; and that confuses me. But one thing I do know, is that men love their children just as much as women do.

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