Getting used to being alone

This my first official post online and if you haven’t already, check out my home page to read more about my intent and reason why I woke up one morning and decided to start blogging.

Truth is, I have put this on the back burner for at least 6 months for a few reasons. Mainly being busy with work and the community work I do aside from my 9-5 job. It keeps me busy and I am getting real reward for helping people develop skills and be at their best when it matters.

Needless to say, I have a lot of people around me in my professional circle of influence and used to have my own family to come home to which was the only other circle of influence I ever wanted to be around. Now that I come home to a four bedroom house, that was built to be our home, it is often harder to let go of the plans and goals that we all worked so hard to achieve and sacrificed so much to get here. By here, I mean we got the house we wanted so badly.

Here are my Pro’s of living in a house alone.

1. I get to work for as long as I want to without being interrupted while on a call or meeting.

2. I have Jax, my dog who is always happy to see me.

3. I don’t have to clean up after myself straight away and can leave dishes in the sink for days if I wanted to.

4. I only have to cook for one.

5. I have turned the front lounge room into my office and can hold meetings (Covid permitting) at my home office.

So for the Con’s.

1. I work for for way too long because I’m not needed elsewhere.

2. I clean pee every day I come home from work as I have Jax my dog who is always happy to see me and wets herself every time.

3. I don’t clean up after myself straight away and can leave dishes in the sink for days if I wanted to.

4. I have to cook for only one.

5. I have turned the front lounge room into a tech dumpster.

Like most people, I struggle with my thoughts when I’m isolated and I also find it hard to concentrate when there is no other noise in the background. People often ask me, “How are you?” but not sure how to respond. I’m trying to get used to being alone. I think I’m slowly getting there, have been using a lot of podcasts, building business concepts, reaching out to supports and working on this blogging site. I feel like I’m doing all the right things, but yet I still get crucified for my choices.

It is what it is right?!

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is what you do when you get back up.! Famous words, don’t ask me exactly who quoted it. Remember the Titans perhaps?

The thing is, as a social being like everyone else, I like my space but I also like to have it occupied especially if it’s my family. (Partner and Children). The extended families however, they can continue extending! LOL. Just joking, I’m only referring to my family living situation.

This week, I’m trying a new strategy. It’s called routine. I’ll keep you posted but apparently it’s a key element to success.

Talk soon,


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I'm just a simple single Dad that has experienced a bunch of challenges that I believe is important to share to other single parents. Who knows, it might just help other people get some perspective on what is happening in their lives.

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