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About Me

To put it simply, I am a newly single father of two, in my 40’s and was diagnosed, DV+ (divorce positive) amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne Australia.
Four months after moving into a newly built home with my then wife and then three kids, I have essentially lost my significant other and my eldest son; whom I raised from the age of six. It has been an unfortunate chain of events to say the least, however I now find myself navigating a break-up from my wife, my step-son, my in-laws and extended relations.
I am a family man, a man of faith, a public servant, and genuinely value, respect and acknowledge people for their individuality. Perhaps not enough given the challenges I now face.
As I embark on a new journey, I plan to take you with me; and I invite you to react, comment or provide feedback on my posts. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from each other by sharing our thoughts and experiences. Working as a professional in the social sector and being a consumer myself, I know first hand that having a strong support network around you helps build resilience and keeps us accountable. And if I can impart anything onto others, I hope I can do that at the very least.

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